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Justine Melton - Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium & Author

Welcome! My passion in life is to empower others to live their best life possible through love, facing fears, cleansing, reiki and messages from the other side. Life is to short to live it any other way! I love teaching and sharing my knowledge and abilities with others. I look forward to working with you! Drop me an email and say hi!  Sending love - Justine


Messages of Love

Hearing from the other side doesn't have to be scary. Often times our loved ones just want us to know that they are still with us. Oracle Cards & Private Readings can help ease these fears and give us advice in every area of our lives. Oracle Card readings can be less intimidating and are a fun way to get a positive message.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic healing technique that uses life force energy to help you relax and be at peace.  It is so simple and yet so amazing! It can be used on its own to heal whatever is bothering you for your greatest good or can be used in partnership with traditional practices to give you the best of both worlds. From the outside it looks similar to a massage because it is usually performed on a massage table and the energy comes through your hands to the client. It is so relaxing that many people fall asleep during a reiki session. *Reiki can be used no matter what your personal or religious beliefs are.* It is so awesome!

Here is a secret.... I have already answered almost any reiki related question you could ask me and it can all be found for FREE on Reiki Rays.   https://reikirays.com/justine-melton/

Featured Products

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Reiki Your Way To Love Online Class

Reiki Rays University


Reiki is so amazing that it can bring any form of love that you desire into your life! In this online class you will learn...

* How to meet your soulmate and how to feel their energy before you even meet them!
* Why people get disconnected and blocked from love
* Your love blueprint
* How to cleanse and make room for love
* How to love yourself   
* How to attract the perfect partner for you
* How to set healthy loving boundaries
* How to heal how others see you
* How to love in laws and difficult family members
* How to attract true friends
* Learn how animals can help you
* Learn how to call on love angels to help
* Learn how to send love messages to others and to the future through Reiki
* Specialized Reiki Infused Love Affirmations
* Beautiful Reiki Infused Love Meditations that work!   

...And More!

Reiki To Combat Darkness Online Class

Reiki Rays University


Did you know that Reiki is one of the best tools there is to Combat Darkness? It can clear any form of negativity from your life, cleanse houses, protect you and help you become a bright light in the world. You may even feel a physical weight lift off of your body! Once you have cleared all negativity it can lift barriers to bring you the life you always wanted. Reiki is an awesome tool that can shine through negativity, dispel it, and leave a healed space full of love and light behind.

This class will teach you how to free yourself from any kind of darkness and maintain positive vibes every day. You will be given the tools to protect yourself, identify and heal any dark or negative situation. 


Have you ever wanted to plan a Retreat but thought it was too overwhelming or that you have to be a well known experienced Reiki Master to do it?   Reiki Retreats - Practical Guide is a fun, easy to read practical guide that will walk you through each and every step of the process. 


From finding your motivation, choosing its topic, planning the budget according to your needs, finding attendees, selecting a location and the perfect timing to even suggesting some Reiki group exercises and retreat activities, it's all here!

When you finish reading Reiki Retreats - Practical Guide, you'll also have the blueprint for organizing your own retreat!

It can't get easier than that! Retreats are a gift of time that you can give to others and to yourself! Start planning yours today! 

Amazing Freebies!

Free Mini Course Edition: Reiki Your Way To Love!


Love is one of the most pure and powerful healing energies there is.

Together with Reiki it can heal any situation and bring you any type of abundance you desire.  *Learn how to get started today with the free mini course edition!*

Free Meditations

Check back here soon for new custom meditations that can be listened to for free!

Free Reiki Infused Affirmations

Coming Soon! With one click you can listen to some of the most popular affirmations for free. Each one has been infused with Reiki for added benefits!

We are happy to be able to keep adding new freebies. Check back soon to see new surprises!

Affiliated Classes & Services

Animal Reiki


My absolute favorite Animal Reiki Class that I have come across. Learn everything you need to know about Animal Reiki from a very well respected and compassionate teacher. Best of all it is online!

Herbal Basics: Your Home Herbal Medicine Chest


Learn the amazing art of how to use herbs in cooking for health & have a few simple herbs on hand to support yourself and your family's health and to help with minor things like colds, cuts, tension, simple sleeplessness and upset stomachs! 

Crystals with Reiki 101


My absolute favorite Crystal Class! This class is designed to simplify the use of crystals as healing tools in Reiki practice, explained in a grounded, practical, easy to use way. I love every lesson and highly recommend to anyone looking to learn more about crystals.

Past Life Regression, Readings, Home Cleansing, Reiki 1 - Reiki Master Teacher Classes


Lynn Troop is the owner of SOUL TO SOUL and an amazing world renown Psychic, Medium, Past Life Regressionist, life counselor, Usui Reiki Master practitioner and teacher.
​ She utilizes empathic, clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairvoyant abilities in her readings and healings.  If you feel things are not quite right with your love life, career or any part of your life, she can help. She can help put your mind at ease by communicating with your loved ones that have crossed over and communicate with your spirit guides for guidance. She does the most amazing home cleansings that I have ever experienced and has fun Reiki Classes that can be done in person or on Skype. Her messages are life changing and she is such an amazing Mentor in every area of life. Lynn is fun, honest and direct. I'm very honored to be able to say that Lynn is my own personal Reiki Master Teacher and has touched my life in the most amzing ways. Get in touch with her today to take a powerful step towards finding peace, love and maybe a hello from the other side.  Skype sessions available.

Intuitive Mothers Circle


Intuitive Mothers Circle exists to empower mothers to find, follow and trust their maternal intuitive spirit within. Intuitive Mothers Circle offers workshops and one on one support sessions that provide a safe space to discuss your mommy fears, concerns and questions while giving you the tools you need to build confidence and courage in your new mama role. 

Founder and Mama Coach Alicia Bravo believes that every mom is a "supermom" and, can help you light your power within.  She believes that we are all given the tools to be amazing mothers but in mainstream society we are bombarded with so many different voices telling the how, what and why in regard to decisions we make for our children. This causes mothers to doubt the one thing that is always right, their intuition. Alicia believes if we listen to our intuition as mothers, it then leads to confident parenting and confident and secure children.  Skype sessions available.


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