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In today's world it is easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed out, lonely, or disconnected. Serenity Of The Mind & Soul is here to offer several ways to help you take care of yourself, reconnect, feel at peace, relax, and be the best you can be. 



Reiki is an ancient Japanese holistic healing modality. It is the ultimate relaxation tool. It can help you find peace of mind and and so much more. It is not a religion. It is simple, beautiful and full of love. Often times people will find themselves so relaxed during a session that they either fall asleep or cry as the tension they have been carrying flows away. A reiki session is done on a massage table and is very similar to a massage. It is a great gift to give yourself.

Empowering Classes, Consults & Readings


One of my favorite things is to help other people feel empowered to change their own life. I love to teach you how you can help yourself. You do not need to spend a lot of money on other people's services. Take a class and learn how to detox your own life, cleanse your own house, write your own meditations, face your own fears, learn how to love yourself, do self- reiki, help your own animals and get your own messages from spirit. The possibilities are endless. Trust yourself. 

Online Classes

Reiki To Combat Darkness


Everything you need to know on how to combat darkness with Reiki. 


Reiki Your Way To Love


A beautiful class teaching you how to bring every form of love to your life with Reiki.  https://university.reikirays.com/p/reiki-your-way-to-love 

Featured Book


Reiki Retreats : Practical Guide


Have you ever wanted to plan a retreat but thought it was too overwhelming or that you had to be a Reiki Master to do so? Reiki Retreats is a fun, easy to read practical guide that will walk you through each and every step of the process. Retreats are a gift of time that you can give to others and to yourself. Start planning yours today! 

About Justine

Justine Melton, RMT


Justine is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Author & Intuitive. She is a featured writer at Reiki Rays and a Co-host for the Reiki Rays Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 Virtual Summits. Justine loves to use her gifts to help others relax, shine, and find serenity of the mind and soul.

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